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Each one anthology within the new worldwide Viewpoints sequence (which doesn't replica any fabric within the Opposing Viewpoints sequence) promises modern views at the featured factor -- with the vast majority of the cloth reflecting stances of nations except the USA. basic assets, together with speeches and govt files, sign up for essays from overseas magazines and information assets for a really panoramic view. important good points comprise an annotated desk of contents, an international map and nation index, a bibliography and a subject matter index.

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Tormented immensely by the foods his mother takes . . incapable of extending (prasarana) or contracting (akuncana) 35 Abortion his own limbs and reposing amidst a mud of faeces [feces] and urine, he is in every way incommoded. He is unable to breathe. ” According to the Caraka Samhita, a Hindu medical text, the soul is already joined with matter in the act of conception. Reincarnation and Opposition to Abortion The obvious difference between this Hindu description of life in the womb and that perceived in the West arises from the concept of reincarnation.

Com, May 29, 2004. Copyright © 2004 Daniel Eisenberg. Reproduced by permission of the author. S. presidential election [in 2004], it is worthwhile to investigate the Jewish approach to the issue. The traditional Jewish view of abortion does not fit conveniently into any of the major “camps” in the current American abortion debate. ” A woman may feel that until the fetus is born, it is a part of her body, and therefore she retains the right to abort an unwanted pregnancy. Does Judaism recognize a right to “choose” abortion?

Hindu ideology made an exception . . when abortion became necessary to save the life of the mother. This serves as evidence against the possible assertion that the real basis for an anti-abortion attitude in Hindu society stems solely from social goals related to supplying sons for the family and the caste. If that were true, and the moral sentiment played no role, then surely the mother would be considered less important than the child. Such a charge, furthermore, could be another example of the mistake of superimposing categories that are relevant within the context of one culture, onto an issue in another culture, where they are meaningless.

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