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By Dorothy E. McBride

This paintings is a balanced presentation of the pro-life/pro-choice controversy, displaying all features of the talk and why it's so tricky to resolve.

• fundamental resources comprise excerpts from significant excellent lawsuits, legislative debts and legislation glided by Congress, and ancient documents

• presents tables displaying states' legislation on abortion and public opinion on numerous points of the abortion controversy

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Trusting women to make decisions about their pregnancies is our bottom line. Women are moral agents, and they are capable of making complex decisions. In addition, women may not agree with the moral stand taken by our opponents. In fact, many people believe there is a difference between a fertilized egg in the body of a woman and a child who has been born. To treat them as equal is to ignore the woman’s body and her life altogether. We staunchly oppose this position. We are convinced that our opponents have an agenda even larger than reversing Roe v.

An unborn baby is a person, just like her mother, and she has to be treated equally. A woman does not have a “right” to kill her baby; doctors don’t have a “right” to kill babies. Babies have rights to life. Abortion takes the life of another, and it is never, never justified. Even when it may occur to save the life of the mother—if both would die otherwise—it is an evil. This plague of abortion is the mark of a society that has lost its way: it treats children like garbage. It has come about because of the so-called sexual revolution; abortion is almost a sacrament of that revolution.

After 1973, however, the Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, empowered women, along with doctors, to make decisions about abortion. The government lost authority to make even the most limited restrictions on the abortion decision for the first six months of pregnancy. After Roe: Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Movements Face Off According to sociologists, a social movement happens when “ordinary people join forces in contentious confrontation with elites, authorities and opponents” (Tarrow 1994, 1).

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