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Reprinted by permission of Copley News Service. 32 Abortion Frontmatter 2/26/04 3:34 PM Page 33 Charles Gardner, who did his doctoral research on the genetic control of brain development at the University of Michigan Medical School’s Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, says, “The ‘biological’ argument that a human being is created at fertilization . . comes as a surprise to most embryologists . . ” Gardner notes that “in humans when two sibling embryos combine into one, the resultant person may be completely normal.

My question is, now, can that baby be killed a minute before it is born, or a minute before that, or a minute before that? You see what I’m getting at. At what minute can one consider life to be worthless and at the next minute that life to be precious? ” The beginning of human life is not a religious, moral, or philosophical issue; it is a scientific and biological one. From the time those 23 chromosomes become 46 onward, the unborn is a living, developing individual with a unique genetic makeup.

Our GAP pictures merely extend the logic of Dr. King’s comparison to help people of conscience understand that the victimization of an unborn child can’t fairly be trivialized as a nominal evil. It is an intolerable evil whose immensity is comparable to that of any other crime against humanity. Jewish columnist Ben Stein echoes this sentiment in the May 1998 issue of American Spectator magazine: . . [Pro-abortionists] cannot look at their handiwork or the handiwork they defend. Across the country, they shrink from photos of the babies killed in abortions.

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