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By Vittorio E. Andreucci (auth.), Vittorio E. Andreucci (eds.)

`No doubt than it good merits its position within the library of the younger and no more younger nephrologists either commonly within the medical perform or in research.'
Nephron (1986)
`The booklet is an updated and beneficial compendium of present wisdom within the scientific administration of acute renal failure.'
Journal of the Royal Society of drugs, seventy eight (1985)

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Thus, radioactive inulin microinjected into proximal tubules of postischemic rat kidney was recovered from the urine of the contralateral kidney (131, 139} in a proportion that increased progressively with the increase in duration of the ischemia; the recovery was in fact insignificant after 15 minutes of ischemia, modest (11 %) after 25 minutes, and severe (35%) after one hour of complete ischemia (l39}. When microperfusion with inulin solution was performed through micropipettes placed in proximal tubules of rats, inulin recovery from distal tubules and from ureteral catheter was significantly reduced one to four hours after clamping of a renal artery for 45 to 60 minutes (53}, The backleak of filtrate has also been visualized by histochemical studies.

Cyclooxygenase activity is inhibited by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, aspirin, acetaminophen, phenylbutazone, phenacetin, ibuprofen, naproxen) [267}. Prostacyclin synthetase is inhibited by indole derivatives; thromboxane synthetase is inhibited by imidazole and stimulated by renal venous occlusion [278} and by prolonged (18 to 24 hours) ureteral obstruction [184, 186, 279}' There is some evidence, instead, that acute (up to four to five hours) ureteral obstruction elicits renal vasodilation [240} that is mediated by vasodilator PGs [184, 280}.

Salt loading, a condition known to cause renin depletion (by a mechanism different from that operating at the macula densa), has been shown to have a protective effect on ARF induced in rats by HgC 12 {226} or by gentamicin (90} despite the persistent occurrence of severe tubular necrosis undistinguishable from that occurring in nonrenin -depleted rats. k. Chronic oral captopril administration, known to lessen endogenous All formation, has been proven successful in offsetting the impairment in glomerular function induced by gentamicin, with no amelioration of the severe morphologic changes in proximal tubule epithelia (90}.

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