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By Nicholas Bennett

This is often the tale of 1 man's 40 12 months odyssey operating to assist lessen 3rd global global poverty, and provides wish to a few of the main morginalised and exploited humans on the earth. all through his lengthy occupation Nicholas Bennett labored in one of the most distant and hard locations on this planet, confronted widespread coups and revolutions, while whilst elevating his family members.

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Non-Formal Alternatives to Schooling The learning in school is often not the most effective way for transmitting appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices. Well designed non-formal literacy programmes can be better adapted to the particular needs of rural children and adults. Since literacy programs do not carry the same load of vested interests as the school, they are more open to innovation, often showing the direction school reforms might take at a later stage. School children, especially those in primary school, are a captive audience.

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